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Thank you for stepping in. :)

If this is your first time around here or you just want to understand a little bit more about me and my beliefs, this is the right place for you to be.

Art from within... and from the sky

My art comes alive from a desire to express myself, from a need to playfully interact with color and to be able to have those special moments, when I really get in touch with my inner world.

I see my life as a spiritual journey with challenges and blessings I want to share, willing to inspire and reveal the very best within each one.

My art relates to the feminine, to the spiritual and love. It radiates in full color and rich textures, in hidden places and rosy cheeks, in old pictures and meaningful words. It makes me believe life is a path where everything happens with a higher purpose, beyond my understanding. A path I travel with my soul, hoping to enlighten and be enlightened, on the way.

So, all my art pieces are also small pieces of me. Some of those inspiring, unique moments, trying to understand ... trying to leave my message to the world.

May it inspire you!

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  1. Gostava de trabalhar contigo para o ano, queres?
    agora estou no último mês de gestação produzi muito em 2011 e 2012 estou à espera que nasça tudo o que eu fiz, eu e pessoas maravilhosas com quem partilhei as minhas ideias e o meu trabalho...é tempo de repousar para uma licença de maternidade...mas quero ter mais filhos por isso estou a contar contigo! :)
    beijinho grande

  2. Que bom!!! Parabéns mamã :)
    Claro vamos conversar e saber quais são esses projetos.


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